Medical division

MyPlans Medical Division was established to work with doctors, dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists. It provides physicians with comprehensive financial services with an emphasis on their needs. These include ensuring the operation of office and responsibilities of medical equipment.

We prefer an individual approach and ensure exclusivity deals. We will provide the maximum possible benefits and discounts. We choose for our clients the best from more than 100 product partners. We are a professional and long-term care of you in all areas of personal and business finances.

Our ctivity system

  • Finding client's desires and needs
  • Designing of a personal plan
  • Ensuring administration
  • Ensuring long-term service and follow-up information
  • We emphasize quality and individual approach

How can we help you?

  • Liability of medical equipment
  • Business interruption insurance office
  • Provision of income in case of sickness and accident
  • Special insurance upper limbs due to illness and injury
  • Housing financing
  • Utilization of tax breaks and government subsidies
  • Creating the future fund and income
  • Audit existing portfolio of financial contracts
  • Property risks
  • Support children and families